Clean Air Purifier

Is Indoor Air Pollution making you Sick at Work?

Indoor air quality issues are not limited to just houses. According to the World Health Company 30 % of structures are influenced by polluted indoor air. In this post, we will talk about choices to battle indoor air pollution and clean your air for healthy living.

Air Purifier & & Ionizer Prevents Illnesses

Numerous office buildings have several sources of indoor air pollution. Some structures could be inadequately ventilated. There ventilation systems will not be created to provide sufficient quantities of outdoor air. People usually have less control over the indoor environment in their workplaces than they do in their homes. As a result of this, there has been a boost in reported health troubles. A variety of illnesses, such as Legionnaires’ illness, asthma, and humidifier fever, have actually been directly traced to ill buildings.

Use the Sanibulb Air Cleanser & & Ionizer to shield employees in the office by destroying microbial and chemical pollutants. To find out more about improving indoor air quality, go to They’& rsquo; ve made cleansing the air as simple as changing your light bulb. Simply switch over to SaniBulb™ & trade; Air Cleanser & Ionizer to offer quality lighting and get rid of harmful germs without poisonous chemicals. SaniBulb™ & trade; utilizes nanotech and light to destroy fatal germs. SaniBulb™ & trade; also deodorizes air while decreasing energy expenses and conserving you cash. SaniBulb™ & trade; is the new EcoSmart, EnergySmart and HealthSmart Air Purifier Option.

Air Purifier Applications

SaniBulb™ & trade; Air Purifier & Ionizer can be made use of in industrial applications to cleanse the air by merely changing your light bulbs in:

Medical: Hospitals, nursing houses, medical workplaces, morgues, funeral homes & hellip;

Hospitality: Hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, dining establishments, bars, health facilities & hellip;

Retail: Animal stores, hair salons, grocery stores, washrooms & hellip;

Educational: Schools, universities, universities, dorms & hellip;

Commercial: Workplaces, fitness centers, day cares, laboratories, drycleaners, warehouses, making

Advantages to Utilizing an Air Cleanser

Using a great reputable air purifier & & ionizer cleanses your workplace air and keeps you healthier. By continually damaging germs and chemical pollutants, an air purifier improves indoor air quality and avoiding hazardous diseases like Legionnaires’ condition, asthma, and humidifier fever. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the cleaner the air you breathe, the longer you will live


In a bold move to enhance indoor air quality, has presented brand-new item, SaniBulb™ & trade; Air Purifier & Ionizer, that integrates the energy conserving compact fluorescent bulb innovation with electronic and nanophotocatalytic innovation. This innovative multi-tasking germicidal bulb sanitizes, purifies and deodorizes air constantly using the power of light while minimizing energy consumption. SaniBulb™ & trade; is the brand-new EcoSmart, EnergySmart and HealthSmart Air Purifier & & Ionizer Solution™