Plants Clean Air Home Naturally and Beautifully

This article is going to discuss the ways that plants help you build a natural air purification system into your home. You might still need an

air purifier

for certain things but plants can help you eliminate some things naturally and make your air cleaner and healthier. Everyone knows that air purifiers and filters can help you keep your air in your home cleaner and fresher. Not everyone knows that there are certain plants that you can put in your home to help make a clean air system for getting rid of certain toxins inside of your home in various locations. These plants can help eliminate several different things and make your home safer to live in your home when it comes to enjoying

benefits of clean air


How many plants should I have to enjoy the benefits of clean air?

In order to get the most results from your plants you should put as many plants that you can possibly care for and handle in one location. This will maximize the benefits of clean air in your home and help to build a

plant clean air system

in your home. The basic rule according to research is to keep at least two plants in each area of 100 square feet. So if you have a home that is 800 square feet on the first floor you will want about 16 plants throughout your home in the appropriate locations to build your clean air system using plants.

Cautionary Notes about building your clean air system through plants in your home:

  • You will want to check to make sure that every plant you select is non-poisonous to humans and animals. This is to make sure that if your baby or little toddler eats it that it will not hurt them. The same goes for your pets you don’t want to have to rush them to the vet due to ingesting a toxic plant to them.

The plant categories:

The English Ivy: It will get a lot of formaldehyde out of your air, which is the most common toxin found in homes. How is the formaldehyde getting into your home? The two most common ways it invades your home is through wood resins in floorboards and in the dyes that are used in your carpeting to make them the color you like to buy.

Lady Palm Plant: This plant will get rid of ammonias which are commonly found in all sorts of household cleaners and textiles. Why get rid of ammonia? This is because it can damage or irritate the respiratory system which can aggravate asthma, allergies and other conditions that are more serious in your respiratory system such as COPD and similar conditions.

The Boston Fern: This plant has been known to also reduce formaldehyde but recent research has shown that it might also get rid of other toxins that are dangerous such as arsenic and mercury. These two toxins usually come from the soil around the outside of your home. This plant will require a bit more care than some of the other plants but I would definitely buy it because of the potential to get rid of other the other toxins which will make for a better clean air system through the use of the different plants in your home.

The Snake Plant: A good deal for your bedroom as it gives you tons of new oxygen to improve your sleeping during the night. It does this by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen through the process. You should probably put one each side of your bed.

Golden Pothos:  This also will be a good plant to put into your home by your garage door from the cars you drive. It will help in eliminating any carbon dioxide that may sneak in from your garage. One on each side of your garage entryway will keep your house from having the exhaust fumes enter your home from your cars. So your home will be protected from carbon monoxide from the fumes and the formaldehyde also found in exhaust and other products that may be in your garage such as paints and other items.

Wax Begonia: This plant will get rid of benzene which is found in many waxes and adhesives in your home. It also makes for a pretty table decoration with its pink blooms. So no house guest will be able to actually guess why it is on your table besides being adding a beautiful statement.


These are the must have plants in your repertoire in order to have a clean air system through the use of plants in your home. You will enjoy the benefits of clean air for many years to come and also the beauty of several different house plants that you can buy at the same time. There are a few other plants but if you have pets they would not be good. So plant away and make sure you have fun and function with your choices. The more plants the merrier when it comes to building a clean air system in your home. You might also want to put a few of the carbon monoxide eating plants on the front and outside of your garage door.

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