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Benefits Of A Clean Air Purifier

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There are several advantages to having a clean air purifier put in your home or office. The first advantage is that you will breath easier if you have allergies. The second benefit is that if you asthma it will reduce your flare-ups and your families if they suffer from asthma as well. The clean air purifier will filter out all the bad smells and stuff that comes into your homes. This article is going to discuss the three benefits mentioned above as well as a few other things about having a clean air purifier. There are two really good clean air purifiers out on the market today that each has their separate benefits.

The Designs of the Two Models of Clean Air Purifiers:
The Honeywell clean air and the Cisco clean air purifiers both come in portable designs for you to move around your home if you need to move them for a quicker removal in a particular room. The Cisco clean air purifiers look like a square disk with four little sticks basically that clean the air. The Honeywell clean air purifier comes in the slightly larger more traditional design of a classic clean air purifier. The benefits of both Cisco clean air and Honeywell are discussed below.

The Differences Between the Models of Honeywell Clean Air and Cisco Clean Air:
Honeywell Clean Air is built more for your home and is priced more reasonably. It is also easier to find in your local stores. However, if you are a computer geek or a business you might want to consider Cisco Clean Air as it gives you up to 10 access points for your computers to use at the same time while providing a clean air purifier for your staff.

The Three Main Benefits of a Clean Air Purifier
An air purifier, whether it is a Honeywell clean air or a Cisco clean air Hepa air filter system, can help reduce your allergies by eliminating or greatly reducing the irritants that come into your home through the air. These irritants can come in through having your windows open, opening a door to go in and outside temporarily, a leak in your insulation through the piping and even sometimes the items you have in your home as well as from having pets. The air purifier pretty much takes the air that is in your home and cleanses it the special filter in the machine which then provides a cleaner easier to breathe air for you and your family.

The second benefit of having a Cisco clean air filter is similar to the first one but you will notice a great deal less flare-ups of asthma when you start using your air purifier. It might take a day or so before the air is totally scrubbed clean and coming out cleaner depending on how many asthma triggers are found in your home. Once the air purifier is done cleaning the air it will continue to clean the air for the life cycle of the air filter inside of the machine.

If you have a smoker or a smell that is in your home left over from cooking or something the Hepa clean air filter can even go so far as to get rid of the smoke and smells and odors that you do not like having in your home after a cooking or throwing a party. There will always be someone that doesn’t follow the no smoking rule indoors so having a Honeywell clean air Hepa filter will help you worry less about the one person who could leave you in a bad mood during the party. Then you can enjoy the party in comfort.

The two clean air purifiers both have the same advantages when it comes to cleaning the air you breathe but Cisco Clean Air has built in access points, costs extra money and appears to be more geared towards businesses. The Honeywell Clean Air purifier is designed more for your traditional home and it comes with a Hepa clean air filter to get rid of smoke, pet dander, dust, mold, and any other allergy or asthma triggers that can interfere with a healthier living environment for you and your family.

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