Mission Statement

Clean air is a basic right just like clean water. But contrary to water, we don’t always have the opportunity to choose the air quality we take in. Our mission is to inform the public on

ways to clean air

and the benefits of clean air.

Ways to Clean Air

Clean Air: Basic Right

We want to discuss the impact of the air quality and the emission limitations as defined in the “Clean Air Act” and how we can purify the air in our homes using plants ,

clean air purifiers

and systems.

Medical investigations link the increase in long diseases like asthma to the air pollution. Although the government has taken some measures by creating air quality criteria and control techniques , we are far from creating a save and healthy environment for our children. So let’s us start improving the air quality in our own environment and home. Before we can do so, we need to understand which are the hazardous air pollutants and ways to eliminate them and create a clean air environment.

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